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Sachin Tendulkar : Changes needed for 12 medals in next Olympics

New Delhi, Oct 15 (): The Rajya Sabha MP and iconic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has suggested “systemic changes” in the Indian sports, which would ensure “12 medals in the next Rio Olympics or 20 medals in 2020 Olympics.”

Tendulkar has expressed his desire to encourage sports in the educational institutes and said practising sports in the regular curriculum and highlighting the achievements of great sportsmen like hockey star Dhyan Chand in history books will help stimulate a desire for games, which was earlier less developed.

Tendulkar’s assertion to bring out change in sports system arises from his belief that in our country the vision for “sports is still in its infancy.”

Master Blaster Tendulkar felt that he wished to claim that the time has ripen now to take huge steps in sports and attain excellence in near future. Getting 12 medals in next Olympics in Rio or 20 medals in 2020 Olympics is definitely not a dream if we correct the momentum produced and undertake few basic changes.

He outlined his goals in a three-page letter in which he has proposed certain schools for the specific disciplines of Olympics on lines of National Cricket Academy in Bangalore, where the nation has showed potential.

For example, he said, Haryana can cater excellence to boxing and wrestling. The cricketer being a  Rajya Sabha MP, rooted for a National Institute of Sports Science.

He said India is desperately in need of such an institute and the institute will look to educate sportspersons about anti-doping procedures and in turn act as an agency for treating the sports-related injuries and giving proper rehabilitation services for the sports icons.

He also suggested setting up a sports museum in our capital city, at a heritage site, in order to celebrate the great achievements of the sports stars.

The cricketer’s keen desire is to follow the same sports system of US, in India. Noting that the Olympic Games should also be in India’s sports imagination, he said India could do well in 2024 or 2028 Olympics.