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Now, get escorts via ‘drive-thru’ in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, October 15 (ANI): An organization has come up with an innovative escort service that has been termed as a “drive-through system of order, wait and go”.

According to Metro Ahad, it was carried out openly along a road in Kuala Lumpur with customers waiting near a taxi stand.

The middleman, who was known as abang, would first enquire about the type of escorts customers wanted and would then go to a nearby building to fetch the women.

If the customers liked what they saw, they paid the middleman, Star Online reported.

The prostitutes were allowed to follow the customers wherever they wanted to go for a day, usually starting in the morning.

The syndicate is believed to have been active for a while but the authorities have difficulty detecting it because it only deals with “trusted customers”.

The price ranges from RM180 to RM400 based on the nationality of the escort.

Based on the Malay daily’s investigation, most of the customers are businessmen and womanisers who would rent cheap hotel rooms near the city, while others take the escorts to entertainment outlets. (ANI)