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FBI gets involved in Hulk Hogan’s sex tape scandal

London, October 15 (ANI): Hulk Hogan’s sex tape scandal, which nobody wanted to see in the first place, has caused so much drama that even the FBI are getting involved, it has been revealed.

According to TMZ, the veteran wrestler’s attorney has said that he attempted to file a police report in Florida after intimate footage was leaked online but local authorities were unable to help him, the Mirror reported.

Firstly, it has been claimed that the naked fun time was recorded in 2006, the four-year law of limitation has expired on the offense of unlawfully recording Hulk without his permission and secondly, according to the story the distribution of illegal footage to the media cross state lines, so it’s a federal problem not a local one.

As a result, the wrestler’s lawyer has contacted the FBI to track down the person guilty of leaking the sex tape and the embarrassed wrestler wants justice. (ANI)