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MJ’s doc Conrad Murray to pen tell-all book about late singer

London, October 14 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray, who has served less than a year of his four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter, is said to be writing a book about “what really happened” during the pop singer’s last days.

Mussay is said to have been “reaching out” to publishers from his isolation cell at LA County Jail through his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez.

He has claimed in his memoir that the ‘King of Pop “confided his innermost feelings about his children, family and 2005 child molestation trial.”

“There would definitely be a market for his book but whoever touches it will be severely tainted,” the Daily Star quoted a New York publishing source as saying.

“Any profit Murray makes will be seen as pure blood money,” the source said.

On the other hand, the late singer’s family is said to be in uproar over a book about the star being written the man jailed for giving him a fatal overdose.

“How dare he do this? He is the man whose blunders put Michael in an early grave,” a friend of Katherine Jackson said.

“The entire family is furious that he would even consider such a thing.

“Murray has never shown a shred of remorse.

“Now he is cashing in on the grief all of us, especially Michael’s children, are still feeling,” the friend added. (ANI)