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Exiled Tibetans hold candle light vigil in Dharamsala for self-immolated martyr

Dharamsala, Oct.14 (ANI): Exiled Tibetans living in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, held a candle light vigil on Saturday evening as a mark of solidarity with a compatriot, who self immolated himself in protest against repressive Chinese rule in Tibet.

Media reports said 54-year-old Tamdin Dorjee, the grandfather of a revered Tibetan religious leader, self-immolated himself on the grounds of the Tsoe Monastery in Tibet on Saturday.

The vigil was organised by the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress.

Informing about the incident, President of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Tenzin Tsundue, said this is the 55th incident of self-immolation, and Tibetans are demanding the return of their spiritual leader Dalai Lama and freedom for Tibet.

“Tibetans all around here in Dharamsala are leading candle light march to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Tibet, who are suffering under the Chinese brutal military crackdown there in Tibet,” said Tsundue.

The surge in self-immolations in China in protest over its rule in Tibet has heightened tension in recent months.

China considers the Dalai Lama a separatist for his long struggle for Tibetan autonomy, and tensions over the issue are at their highest in years after a spate of protests and self-immolations, which have prompted a Chinese security crackdown.

China has branded the self-immolators “terrorists” and criminals, and has blamed the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Dalai Lama, for inciting them.

China rejects criticism that it is eroding Tibetan culture and faith, saying its rule has ended serfdom and brought development to a backward region.

China has ruled Tibet since 1950, when Communist troops marched in and announced its “peaceful liberation”.

The Dalai Lama, who fled to India in 1959 following a failed uprising, has accused China of “cultural genocide”. Beijing considers him a separatist and does not trust his insistence that he only wants greater autonomy for his Himalayan homeland. (ANI)