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Egypt state prosecutor to stay after Morsi U-turn

Cairo, Oct. 14 (ANI): Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has agreed that state prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmud will stay, ending a crisis over his refusal to quit after being dismissed, an aide to the prosecutor said.

State television reported that the two met and finalized an agreement under which ‘the state prosecutor will stay on in his post,’ deputy state prosecutor Adel said, citing a ‘misunderstanding over his nomination as ambassador to the Vatican’.

According to news 24, Vice President Mahmoud Mekki said that Morsi agreed to keep Mahmoud in his post after a request from the Supreme Judicial Council.

Morsi had ordered Mahmoud’s dismissal in an apparent bid to pacify public anger over the acquittals of former regime officials accused of encouraging violence against protesters last year, the report said.

But the law protected the prosecutor general from being fired by the president. Although the move has public support, many feared Morsi was infringing on the judiciary, it added. (ANI)