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Forget tuitions and roll over ‘ExamFear’ for free!!!

New Delhi, Oct. 13 (ANI): Rahul was preparing for his class 12 board exams and he had problems in understanding the concepts of physics. Though extremely good in chemistry and mathematics, he always felt a need for coaching in physics to achieve a good score in the final exams. But the escalating costs of private coaching gave him nightmares.

Hailing from a middle class family, Rahul was looking for a simpler and cost effective solution for his problems. A friend told him about ‘ExamFear’ educational videos available for free on YouTube. He was told he would get the desired help he wants, to understand concepts of physics.

“The videos are really good and the way they explained me the concepts was extremely wonderful. They were able to fill the gaps and it helped me doing well in my final exams,” said Rahul.

“The only cost involved in learning from these videos was the Internet charges and it saved my parents a lot of money; else they would have had spent a bomb on my coaching,” he added.

It is not just Rahul, who has benefited from these videos, but thousands of other students across the country are viewing these videos daily to clear their concepts on varied topics and learn in a more interactive way.

Brainchild of Roshni and Gopal Agarwal, ‘ExamFear’ videos are rapidly expanding. They have uploaded more than 1,500 videos and the number is ever increasing so are the fans and followers.

It all started in early 2011 when two young graduates Roshni and Gopal came up with the idea of starting an online portal to help students learn in a more interactive way. Their love for teaching propelled them to begin with the venture.

“We both love to teach, but there was a higher purpose attached to this project. We wanted to help those students who could not afford private coaching and help them beat their fear of exams,” said Roshni Agarwal

ExamFear includes videos on different subjects and concepts like electromagnetism, light, power, calculus and other subjects.

“Our training videos are for class ninth to class twelfth,” she added.

While Gopal is an engineer, Roshni is an MSc graduate in Physics. The duo began promoting ‘ExamFear’ videos through their friends and relatives and today its popularity has largely increased through word of mouth. There are more than 2,000 subscribers to it and the view count on the social networking site is increasing every day.

Students are not only just liking the videos, but also putting forward their encouraging comments with demands for new videos on different subjects.

Roshni and Gopal are now planning to come up with videos on biology, commerce, business studies, competitive exams like AIEEE, DCE and others.

The couple is working hard to improve the quality of videos for the benefit of students and the ardent fans of ‘ExamFear’. The attempt is to make the videos as interactive as possible and add more animations to it.

“We want to expand as much as possible and reach the masses so that the students can benefit from us,” added Roshni.

While there are many websites, which may offer similar videos, but as they say good things don’t come for free. Roshni and Gopal are committed to spread education for free at least. You want to try? Access YouTube today. By Devesh Gupta (ANI)