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Bigg Boss 6 1st Elimination : Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua) evicted

Mumbai, Oct 13 (): Bhojpuri film actor Dinesh Lal Yadav also popularly known as Nirahua is the 1st contestant evicted from the house of Bigg Boss 6. He stayed in the house for just 5 days.

Dinesh Yadav was nominated for eviction by the Bigg Boss house members along with 3 other members – controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, famous model Karishma Kotak and hairdresser Sapna Bhavnani. The actor is the first participant to be evicted out of the reality show on Friday night.

Dinesh Yadav is a famous face in music in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and MP. He has done few big blockbuster movies in Bhojpuri film industry. He has created few record breaking music albums, known as jubilee star of Bhojpuri movies.

Dinesh told that he had never before swept floor, washed utensils or cleaned toilet, but the six-days stay in the “Bigg Boss house” had taught all such household chores to him. Bhojpuri film actor says the Bigg Boss house is an “institute”, which shows us how “no person or no work is small.”

His stay in the house was very short, but he had a very nice experience in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Through a phone call from Lonavala, he said what all he could not learn till the age of 30, he had learnt during the short stay in Bigg Boss house – cleaning the garden, cleaning the toilet, washing utensils and sweeping floor. He said that he had learnt some important things in life during the stay.

Dinesh said he already knew he would be soon evicted from the show that started with 15 contestants on Oct 7. The actor said he could not mix too well with the people. He said playing characters in movies is different. But, in real life, it is his shortcoming that he could not mingle with others soon.

He said that fights have begun in the house and such fights are unavoidable. There are many experienced, intelligent and smart people in the house. Dinesh expects there would surely be a lot of situations where people would fight with each other, because with so many people inside, and all of them with different views, they are many chances for clashes.

Dinesh gave assurance that as this season is focussed at family audiences, one would not see any abuses.