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Maattrraan (Maatran) – Review

Oct 12 (): Maattrraan (Maatran) is the much-anticipated movie of Suriya. It is an action thriller film, where Suriya portrays the role of conjoined twins. Its Telugu dubbed version ‘Brothers’ is also released today.


3.5 / 5


Cast : Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Vivek, Sachin Khedekar, Tara
Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Director            : K. V. Anand


Suriya plays the conjoined twins – Vimalan and Akhilan. Their father (Sachin Khedekar) runs a famous company and with the help of his sustained efforts, he makes his product unique. His competitors have always been fishy about his growth and been trying to find out his secret formula of his company’s product, but all their efforts are in vain.

Meantime, Akhil and Vimal meet Anjali (Kajal Aggarwal) and falls in love for her. The conjoined twins are different in their personalities. Akhilan is decent and good at studies by nature, but Vimalan is a carefree man and poor in his studies. Both have no interest in their father’s business.

Akhilan comes to know that his father is fowl playing in his business and mixes a dangerous substance to the product to boom its business. In this venture, he is killed. Anjali who was in love with Akhilan, falls for Vimalan and they are set to solve the mystery. What happens next makes the interesting part of the movie.


Suriya has done the conjoined twins role perfectly. The actor has done his best to bring out a remarkable chemistry between the twins. His strong will to accept a conjoined twins role is evident on-screen. Suriya shines while being mischievous with Kajal and also when he is on the hunt to find out the truth.

Kajal Aggarwal looks pretty and has some good scenes in the movie.

Sachin Khedekar and Tara have done their roles pretty well.

Cinematography by S Sounder Rajan is incredibly brilliant. He has captured the best Russian locales in his camera, which are very pleasing to our eyes. The stunt sequences are appreciable.

Harris Jayaraj has not given his best. But his background score is good. Rettai kathirae… and Kaal Mulaitha Poovae are good picks.

Director KV Anand has marvellously shot the scenes of the conjoined twins and has narrated the story brilliantly.


First half of the movie moves in a jolly mode with comedy scenes and romantic songs between the conjoined twins, second half of the movie runs in a serious mode with an impressive climax.

Overall, Maattrraan is superior visually and technically with a different plot and Suriya – KV Anand combo rocks. The movie has brought out the best in Suriya.