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PM: Mindless negativity can spoil country’s reputation

New Delhi, Oct 10 () : Overwhelmed with corruption charges, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Wednesday stated that the senseless environment of disapproval and distrust that has been created over the so-called issue of corruption are of no use.

“Mindless environment of disapproval is only spoiling the reputation of the country by bringing bad name to the executive,” added the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister’s comments seem to point at IAC activists Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan, who have recently launched an anti-corruption party, accusing Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert vadra on the  very first day after the new party was launched a fortnight back. Both Kejriwal and Bhushan along with the BJP criticized the ruling Congress at the centre of being subjected to corruption.

Defending the allegation the Congress said that a party which is yet to be named is intending to gain publicity by unnecessarily spraying dust on influential persons.

While speaking in the yearly conference of CBI and State Anti-Corruption Bureau,  Prime Minister said that vast level of cheating is associated mostly with operations of big money-making body. He also requested people to care for sincere public servants and to keep the self esteem of the officials intact.

Sources said the party against the ruling government is sitting at ease by enjoying the allegation charges against the central government as politicians are on trial in number of corruptions including the 2G spectrum and coal block allocation.

Earlier this year, the IAC activists blamed some of the Congress cabinet ministers in the coal scam issue which led to financial scandals and also said that the Prime Minister should be held responsible for this scam as he was heading the Coal Ministry at the time when coal blocks were allocated to various companies, to which the PM said that he has no hesitation in resigning his job if anyone found” an iota of fact” in the said allegations.