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Mayawati delays decision on support to UPA

New Delhi, Oct 10 (): Making a delay in announcing her decision whether to support or not the Congress-led UPA government, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati on Wednesday  said that  the BSP national executive has handed over the decision to her which will soon be announced.

“In the conclusion of the two-day national executive meet, the party could not come to a conclusion. They told me to decide and take the decision in the appropriate time,” said Mayawati while talking to reporters.

Meanwhile, Mayawati has asked her partymen to make preparations for snap polls which can be held any moment following the unsteadiness of government at the ruling centre.

Mayawati who has been saying for the past two days to announce whether to support the UPA government or not is expected to make a decision today, said sources. “There won’t be any further delay. Soon the decision will be announced and will be informed to you,” said Mayawati to reporters.

Meanwhile, the BSP chief criticized the ruling Congress government at the centre for its anti-people strategies and said that her party has decided to launch a protest rally demanding to withdraw its recent decisions.

“The awful strategies of the ruling government have led to an increase in price rise that has affected the common man on the whole, “said Mayawati adding that the ruling Congress has not even taken a single step in restraining corruptions which has magnified to huge proportions day by day.

Mayawati said it was she whom the party trusts to make the final decision and it is her responsibility to think over the matter before announcing her decision which will be in the interest of the people.

The former UP CM also expressed regret by saying that the approach of the central government was not at all pleasing in the past and was unsatisfactory regarding the price rise issue. People of the country have been disturbed following the series of corruptions that is going out of control and no serious step taken by the government, said Mayawati.