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Narendra Modi’s win certain in the upcoming Gujarat polls: Bal Thackeray

Mumbai, Oct 8 (): Expressing confidence over Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray said that there is no doubt that Modi will certainly lead his party towards victory for the third successive time in the coming assembly elections which will be held in December.

“The Gujarat Chief Minister has proved his strength and will certainly win the elections for the third successive time,” stated the Shiv Sena chief in his party mouth piece ‘Saamna.’

Gujarat’s development in a quick succession has been evident in the past ten years after Narendra Modi came to power, added Thackeray. While criticizing the TV channels which portrayed Modi to be a kind of evil spirit which is about to drag out all the Muslims from the country, Thackeray said it all depends upon the imagination of the individuals.

Post Gujarat violence, the Congress government in the centre stuck a tag on Narendra Modi by giving an impression that Modi seemed to be ‘mischievous sprite’, but the Congress imagination was  proved wrong as the party achieved only fifty-five seats and the Modi-led BJP got 121 seats, said the Sena chief .

When the election date was proclaimed recently in the state, Sonia Gandhi was addressing a rally in Gujarat and in her entire speech she did not dare to spell Modi’s name even once. This has proved that Modi is much stronger than the Congress party which has faced defeat even before the election started, declared Bal Thackeray.

While responding to former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel launching a political group against Modi , Thackeray admitted that probably  it might have a slight impact by the division of Hindu votes but it can be considered as a daydream.

Meanwhile, Modi on Thursday criticized Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her untamed allegations offending Gujarat while speaking in a rally in Rajkot.