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English Vinglish

 English Vinglish

Oct 8 ():In a come-back after  15-year hiatus, Sridevi still looks charming in big screens. One would love to fall in love with her all over again. The light entertainer has a terse plot of a woman with inferior complex who redeems herself and marks her presence in front of her family who ridicules her! The movie is more than just good for the debutante Gauri Shinde.

English Tuition Vuition

Sashi (Sridevi), a dutiful homemaker, a small-scale entrepreneur and far from modern-age women struggles with herself when her family thinks of her as an embarrassment in their lives. Circumstances make her visit the United States of America for her niece’s marriage, all alone and she has to face torments from strangers too apart from her already disorienting family.

But when she is in America, she gets to interact with a community, full of diversified people like her, who struggle in their own ways and all find the necessity to learn and speak english. In an attempt to master it in four weeks they’ve taken up this session. Like Debbie Macomber’s Knitting Class, like Jane Austen Book Club, this forms a community of one such kind and each of them explore many things starting from “THEY CAN DO IT.”

With little joys, sharing, acquiring, learning, smothering, the plot comes to a closing with a question should Sashi take learning English so seriously that subsides her duty and dedication to her family?


Now you know, why a common man be it a rickshawala or a rocket scientist finds English a prominent and essential part of our daily lives.

 English VinglishThe 18-hour ride with garrulous Big B adds its weightage to storyline and he is hilarious as well.

Sridevi has lived her character and it can be judged with a scene in airport boarding counter when she hands over her boarding passes and innocuously asks for a window seat in airplane !

Aesthetically pleasing BG score and the Inrachi Chanrachi number makes you tap  your feet.


American Officer at Indian Visa Office: How will you manage in US without knowing English?
Indian officer(to the American colleague): Like you manage in this country without knowing Hindi!

Sashi’s husband: She’s born to make ladoos

Ramamoorthy (from English Class): I miss two things verrry verrry terribly – My Idlis and My mother…

Big B: Pehil baar tho ek hi baar aatha hai, use jaane math do, guzaaro
<<There comes a first time only once, enjoy it to its fullest>

Sridevi: Water
Barista: Still or sparkling?
Sridevi: Just water
Barista: !!! Still or Sparkling?
Sridevi: Coffee
Barista: Ok, Americano, cappuccino or latte?
Shashi: Just Coffee..
Barista: Are you kidding me!!


 English VinglishWho expects or insists a homemaker to be facile in her communal language. The plot is too naïve to be accepted a serious story!

Blurred French without subtitles when Mehdi Nebbou expresses his feelings to Sridevi and likewise her commuting in Hindi to Nebbou makes no sense.

Sridevi’s character doesn’t want people to be judgmental, but in a way her character is showcased judgmental which is ironic!

There are many melodramatic scenes, for instance the scene from coffee shop where a barista humiliates Sridevi for not knowing English.


Amitabh plays a cameo as a co-passenger whom she finds loquacious throughout the air-trip.

Best Rated   : 5.5/ 10
Worst Rated: 6/ 10

English Vinglish  – Sridevi is back with a blast !