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Rehman Malik claims credit for anti-Islam film producer’s arrest

Washington, Oct. 7 (ANI): Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has claimed credit for the arrest of the producer of the anti-Islam film – Innocence of Muslims – which led to violence and chaos across the Muslim world.

“I don’t claim entire credit, but it is a credit for the Muslim Ummah, the credit goes to my government. In fact, it is our government and the entire world which took up this derogatory documentary film at all international forums,” The Express Tribune quoted Malik, as saying.

When pressed on the point that producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula had been arrested for violating terms of his bail in a separate case, Malik said, “I pointed out that he is a fugitive of law, I did have information. And perhaps that voice reached the right quarters, and he was arrested, it is not me who has made the arrest, but I became instrumental in appealing to the United States.”

The film by Nakoula portrays Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer, fraud and a child molester. (ANI)