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Bengal tigress Mamata Banerjee roars for no-confidence motion

Kolkata, Oct 5 (): After parting ways from the ruling Congress at the centre over the government’s decision on FDI in retail, Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee is once again walking towards the battlefield.

Mamata is now heading towards a no-confidence motion and is requesting rest of the UPA allies to withdraw support to the government by quitting its alliance. The DMK refused to pay heed to Mamata and the Samajwadi Party is not quite sure of its decision.

The approach of forcing a no-confidence motion has come after the ruling government on Thursday cleared the opening of FDI in pension and raised the restriction on FDI insurance. The company’s bill was however cleared by the cabinet.

The moment the announcement on the ruling government’s second phase was made, the Bengal   tigress once again roared intending early elections and asked other UPA allies to join hands with her to pull down the ruling Congress government at the centre.

“Do we want to sell our country to foreign hands? This is the time to be united and oppose the government at the centre. Being a minority government, it has no right to play a corrupt role. We shall all together move a no-confidence motion. I shall request those backing the UPA to be bold and show their strength to oppose these moves,” posted Mamata on Facebook.

The Trinamool Congress MPs, who are now seated in the opposition, took a harsh stand as they intend to have an alteration in the sitting arrangements in the house. “Parties backing the government might also not be willing to support this move in the parliament,” assumed TMC leader Saugata Roy.

Though the BJP will be pedalling along with Mamata to achieve her goal, the BSP, the DMK and obviously the Left, might not be interested for an early polls.

Mamata Banerjee said that she will be meeting President Pranab Mukherjee on the issue soon.