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Bigg Boss 6 : Salmann-erisms has three golden principles

Mumbai, Oct 4 (): Many new elements are introduced in the sixth season TV reality show Bigg Boss, which include the fish, the parrot and a common man. To make the show a cleaner version suitable for family audiences, the makers have brought one more element, which is none other than bringing alive, the proverbial principle of See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil!

While the makers have put forth certain rules for Bigg Boss contestants to make the show cleaner, host Salman Khan has taken on the responsibility of making the sixth season of Bigg Boss more entertaining and increase its fun quotient for family audiences adding a parivarik punch and the contestants must follow Salmann-erisms (Salman’s mannerisms).

Host Salman Khan has imposed three golden principles that stand for non-violence a la Munnabhai i.e. ‘Bura Mat Dekho, Bura Mat Bolo, Bura Mat Suno’ on contestants to survive Bigg Boss House. The main aim of the principles is that while staying in Bigg Boss house the contestants should follow the Salmann-erisms to keep the Bigg Boss environment clean, fun and friendly.

The makers of the show say these changes are only just the start of the changes in Bigg Boss. The season has a tagline ‘Alag’ that means it has more such changes in the coming days.

In the recently released teaser of the reality show by Salman Khan, one could see the introduction of new elements of the house – a Fish, a talking Parrot and a Panic Room in Salman’s natural and normal tongue-in-cheek style.

Furthermore many such doses of Salmann-erisms will be followed to have a tighter control on Bigg Boss contestants.

The broadcasters say that instead of a reality show, the show will be more of a virtual camp with the stars. And this time, the show is changed to a family programme with its telecasting time also changed to 9 pm.