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Ajith star power seen in Sridevi’s English Vinglish in TN

Chennai, Oct 3 (): As usual, Ajith’s star power is seen working out big in yesteryear famous Tamil actress Sridevi’s comeback movie English Vinglish, which is releasing as Aangilam Vaangilam in Tamil. As Ajith has done a cameo role in Aangilam Vaangilam, the movie’s expectations are raising high. It releases in many screens in Tamil Nadu.

English Vinglish and its Tamil version, Aangilam Vaangilam is releasing in about 170 screens in Tamil Nadu. Ajith Kumar’s star power has worked out very well and has increased the screen numbers. This factor has given hope that the movie would receive a good opening in the state.

Till now, 130 screens have been confirmed in Tamil Nadu and the makers of English Vinglish are supposing to reach 170 screens before its release on October 5. From the expectations created by the posters and trailer of Aangilam Vaangilam that featured few scenes with Sridevi and Ajith, the distributors are expecting the movie to go well.

Sridevi, who is famously called as Mayulu in Tamil Nadu began her acting career as South Indian actress and has a big fan crowd in TN. This has made the distributors to have a big release in the state.

Ajith Kumar, who is a fan of Sridevi, has done a cameo role in Aangilam Vaangilam for which he did not charge anything. In the movie, he is doing a influential character in Sridevi’s life.

English Vinglish story revolves around a lady who is not well versed in English. She is forced to learn English if she has to earn respect of her family and this is an existentialist dilemma that ladies face in the families that they are married to. That lady character is played by Sridevi in the film. English Vinglish would be an inspiration for the women in India and abroad not to be scared down by any situation but fight it out to emerge as the winner.