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50,000 Ekta Parishad members demand piece of land

Gwalior, Oct 3 (): Demanding a piece of land, a total of fifty thousand poor people belonging to Ekta Parishad from all over the country gathered in Gwalior to take a combined march to the capital city to demand the government to provide  them land.

The agitating people of Ekta Parishad were however, asked to return back to their respective places by Union rural development minister Jairam Ramesh by saying that the Congress will keep in mind their demand and maintain their self respect.

The UPA government can understand the pain of the poor and the landless with extreme sympathy and will soon find out a way to resolve the issues, said Jairam Ramesh.

“The government understands the dilemma of the poor tribals and will definitely take all action that is needed to shield the self-respect, identity as well as safety of the poor tribals,” stated the rural development minister.

While speaking before a large gathering of the members of Ekta Parishad in Gwalior, the Minister said that the issue on land will be dealt under the respective state jurisdiction. Land being a state issue cannot be dealt by the Center as in case of variation will lead to unwanted complications, said the minister.

The Union Minister also added by saying that the government is thinking to develop the structure on National land development and improve the life style of the tribals in all field including providing food security, job confirmation, right to education and also good health.

“A meeting will be conducted regarding the matter on Oct 11 which the government is expecting a positive result,” said the minister.

Taking a dig at the BJP, minister of State Jyotiraditya Scindia criticized the BJP for showing lack of concern towards the jal satyagraha workers and appreciated the proposals taken by the central government to resolve the problem of the Madhya Pradesh tribals.