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Shweta Menon’s delivery captured by director Blessy

Mumbai, Oct 1 (): Famous Malayalam actress and former Miss India runner-up Shweta Menon was blessed with a baby girl on September 28th at 5:27 pm in Mumbai’s Nanavati Nursing home and the entire delivery process was filmed by the award winning Mollywood director Blessy and his crew for his next Malayalam film Kalimannu.

Swetha’s forthcoming Malayalam movie ‘Kalimannu’ is about a pregnant women’s life. As Swetha was pregnant and about to deliver the baby, Blessy insisted on using the live delivery for his film for naturality. He has also shot a few sequences featuring the actress in her various stages of pregnancy much earlier.

Three cameras were used in the labour room at 4.45 pm and she delivered her girl baby at 5.27 pm. They kept rolling for about 45 minutes until the actress kissed the new-born on the forehead.

The crew shot for almost twenty plus minutes. This was the first of its kind event ever to be reported in the land of India.

Shweta said natural childbirth is gift of beauty and empowerment and this naturally occurring process has emotional importance in the film. She said she decided to this bold act because of the message the movie carried. From conception to delivery, her pregnancy had been a great experience to her. She added she was strong-minded to give natural birth.

After delivering her beautiful girl baby she said the moment of giving birth is a beautiful moment and she was sharing it for the sake of all the women in the country.

Director Blessy said his team was preparing for a week for the shoot in the labour room. He started the shoot began when Shweta was five months pregnant. In the movie ‘Kalimannu’, the message says as in an age when pregnancy and motherhood is sometimes mechanical, the movie talks about a mother’s relationship with her fetus.

Swetha has been on her shooting schedules continuously for the past four months for this film. All in the industry were shocked to know about the dedication and commitment of this actress. This bold move will give rise to a big discussion all over the country.