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Afghanistan’s top female boxer determined to ‘fight way to top’ despite ‘male-chauvinistic culture’

Manama, Sep. 30 (ANI): Afghanistan’s top female boxer, Sadaf Rahimi, who is the nation’s only national-level female fighter, and practises at the Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, where the old Taliban regime used to stage public executions, is determined to fight her way to the top, the chauvinistic male bias notwithstanding.

Although the government provides secure transport for her to travel to and from training, there are times when she has to train in secret to avoid extremist groups who are against women participating in sports, particularly male-dominated ones such as boxing.

She says that she will do whatever to it to earn a top spot in the sport and lay an example for the women of her country.

“If you’re a woman in this part of the world then it’s tough. But I’ve always been determined to do what I believe in. I’ve always hated the anti-women methods in our culture and I would love to hold gold high above my head one day and show everyone how far we’ve come in my country,” the Gulf News quoted Rahimi, as saying.

The teenager knows that competing as a boxer means putting her and her family’s lives in danger, but she is keen to “prove to other Afghan women that anything is possible”, the report said.

Sadaf, who had to drop out the Olympics for several reasons, said that the threats to her life still continue, despite she making a place for herself and making her parents and her country proud.

“We’re all still very aware of the risks. There are still many communities that stick to their strict conservative ideals and will do anything to stop them being abused. Its juts sad,” she said.

Sadaf, who wants to become a lawyer or journalist later in life, tried to concentrate on the positive effect she has had on her country and how her achievements could help other Afghan women.

“Some positive people see me as a symbol of hope for our country and that encourages me a lot. I have inspired many Afghan women to fight those who prevent them from fulfilling their dreams. I’ll tell any woman that if you love something you need to keep fighting until you achieve your dreams,” she added. (ANI)