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Netanyahu’s UN speech dampens speculation ‘Israel will order war against Iran this year’

Jerusalem, Sept 29 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent speech at the United Nations about Iranian nuclear advances has dampened speculation that he could order a war against Tehran this year.

Analysing the address in which Netanyahu literally drew a ‘red line a cartoon bomb to show how close Iran was to building nuclear weaponry, commentators saw his deadline for any military action falling in early or mid-2013, well after the US elections in November and a possible snap Israeli poll.

“The ‘decisive year’ of 2012 will pass without decisiveness,” News 24 quoted Ofer Shelah of Maariv newspaper, as saying.

Some media reports said that 2013 now looked like Netanyahu’s target date, given his prediction that by then Iran may have amassed enough 20 percent-enriched uranium for a first bomb.

According to the report, Israeli diplomats were reluctant to elaborate on Netanyahu’s speech, saying its main aim was to illustrate the threat from Tehran.

Meanwhile, Iran, which denies it is seeking nuclear arms, said Netanyahu’s speech made ‘baseless and absurd allegations.’

It also stressed that the Islamic Republic ‘reserves its full right to retaliate with full force against any attack.’ (ANI)