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Narendra Modi: Congress decision on FDI in retail has links with Sonia’s visit to US

Haryana, Sep 29 (): While accusing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Friday raised question to the PM whether he had been the agent of the United States by getting the nuclear deal sanctioned first and then permitting the FDI in retail. Modi  asked “What made you to turn against the interest of the country?”

While speaking in a rally at Faridabad at the end of the national council meet, Modi asked whether the decision on FDI is related to Sonia Gandhi’s recent visit to the United States, as the decision on FDI was announced after Sonia Gandhi’s return from United States.

Modi said that the country would like to know whether the decision taken by the ruling government had any links with the US elections.

“The Prime Minister has to reply many questions which the country would like to know from him.What was the motivation behind the government’s sudden decision on FDI in retail? Was Sonia Gandhi the reason or her visit to America the reason, or does this decision has anything to do with the US elections? added Modi.

Narendra Modi criticized the Prime Minister for paying less attention  towards the country and showing much interest in the welfare of  the United States. He also added by saying that while the Prime Minister can act in the interest of foreign countries then why can’t he gather courage to act for the welfare of the country.

Modi while recalling the US elections in 2008 said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh suddenly became interested to pass the nuclear treaty in 2008, then he  went to sleep for four years and again after four years  in 2012 , once again he becomes energetic when the US elections are to be held, while speaking in the rally.

Modi said that these questions were asked on behalf of the country which the Prime Minister is bound to answer.