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Congress: BJP wears the mask of secularism for votes

New Delhi, Sep 29 (): In order to woo parties, the BJP which is known to people with an identification of Hindutva mark, have decided to portray as if “commitment to secularism” intends to show that it dislikes injustice based on religion.

“The BJP has to understand that this country is essentially secular which has no idea of accepting any communal ideology. I am sure this latest technique of the BJP is not going to work even if they try to do it. We anticipate the BJP is slowly recognizing that there is some problem with its communal ideology,” admitted party spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury while talking to reporters.

L K Advani, through his speech at the national council meet tried to claim that  the BJP should restore confidence among the minority groups and that  they are also against  “discrimination or injustice” while dealing  with various sections of the civilization, added  Chowdhury.

On Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s “contemptible sensationalism”,Renuka Chowdury alleged that Modi’s claims seem to be “brainless and silly.”

“It is evident that he can go to any extent. It emphasizes the rational insolvency to which Modi has bowed. If someone is pleased in that swamp, let him continue. We do not want to bow to his level to overcome,” said Chowdhury.

When asked for her reply regarding Advani’s charges that CBI is the most leading supporter of the UPA government and that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also shifted his authority to 10 Janpath, Renuka Chowdhury claimed that it might be the BJP leader’s personal experience while the NDA was ruling.

“It is regrettable and not fair for people like Advani to pass such comments. I can realize his disappointment by not becoming the Prime Minister and is kept often on the waiting list,” observed Renuka Chowdhury.

In response to whether B S Yeddyurappa, former Karnataka Chief Minister has any idea of joining the Congress to which Chowdhury said that they keep  their doors open to all people willing to entre are welcomed.