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Rebel – Telugu Movie Review

Hyderabad, Sep 28 (): For the past two years, Prabhas’ Rebel has been in the making and is one among the most expected movies in Tollywood. Raghava Lawrence has directed the movie with some brilliant action sequences for Prabhas fans. So, Prabhas is expecting to get hat trick at box office with this latest masala entertainer, Rebel.


3 / 5


Cast: Prabhas,Tamanna Bhatia, Krishnam Raju, Deeksha Seth, Mukesh Rushi, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam
Producers: J Bhagavan, J Pulla Rao
Music: Raghava Lawrence
Story-Screenplay-Choreography-Direction: Raghava Lawrence


Rishi (Prabhas) is easy going guy, who is in love with Deepali (Deeksha Seth), an orphan girl. He turns unmanageable after his father Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju), a mafia don was killed. His own brother (Mukesh Rushi) and Simhadri (Pradeep Rawat) kill Bhupathi and to revenge them Rishi (Prabhas) comes to Hyderabad with Narasaraju (Brahmanandam) in search of Stephen and Roberts.

Then, he goes to Bangkok to collect information about Roberts and Stephen, where he meets the hip hop dance teacher Nandini (Tamanna).

What happens to Deepali and Bhupathi? Who are Roberts and Stephen? Why is Rishi searching them? Will Rishi succeed in his search? The answers to these questions will form the rest of the story.


Prabhas looks dynamic in his well-toned body. He has presented different avatar – a calm son, a lover and a fierce gangster – in a different dimension. With his well-built body he has done the dare-devil stunts sequences extremely well as well as he has put in great effort in the dance movements too.

Tamanna playing a dance teacher role has been used only to increase the glamor quotient of the movie. Her best part in the movie is her superb styling and her gifted charm, which would surely mesmerize the audience.

Deeksha Seth has a very small role but has done justice to her role.

Mukesh Rushi and Pradeep Rawat have done good job.

Cinematography done by Ram Prasad is top notch. The scenes are pictured sharply and thus have enhanced the movie’s visual appeal.

The choreography of action sequences and dance moves are excellent.

Director Lawrence has used a familiar storyline; anyhow he finds it difficult to do handle few circumstances. We can find reputations from his previous movies like Don, Kanchana and Mass. The movie is also too long, which is about 2.50 hours. The director could have trimmed few scenes. His debut appearance in the music field is also a let-down. The songs are not up to the level, but Prabhas and Tamannaah’s stylish dance movements make them lively.


Overall, Rebel depicts Prabhas’ heroism. The movie will go well with all class masses, especially Prabhas fans will be delighted by the hero’s stylish performance.