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Anti-US rally by Muslims in Kolkata turns violent

Kolkata, Sep 28 (Truthdive): Muslims in large numbers on Thursday took a huge march towards the American Centre in Kolkata demanding apologies from the US authorities who produced the anti-Islam film in the United Sates.

Police stopped the agitators who belonged to the All Bengal Minorities Youth Federation while they were trying to violate the rules by crossing the barricades to move towards the vastly equipped American Centre at Chowringee, said the police officials.

The protest taken by the Muslims was such that the traffic in the Chowringhee and C R Avenue in central Kolkata was badly affected making the vehicle move inch-by-inch and the impact was seen in rest of the areas in the north of Kolkata as well, said the police.

The protest turned violent after the group shouted slogans against US president Barrack Obama and also against the film, titled Innocence of Muslims in which a number of Muslims all over the world died after the film was released.

The police had to disperse the crowd after they started pelting stones on policemen who blocked their way from approaching the US consulate, said Rajashri Roy, a senior police officer.

As the protesters tried to move past the barricades, police had to hold them back and then baton-charged them to bring the situation under control. Security was tightened all around the consulate. The protest put the traffic out of gear for over two to three hours, said the police.

The film “Innocence of Muslims” created uproar all over the world which was considered to be another “ugly face” of religious offense, said one of the protestors from the group.

Muslim leaders from various countries expressed regret over the disturbing incident that threatened peace and co-existence.

Meanwhile, US president made a strong condemnation for the violence and attacks by the Muslims all over the world that have turned deadly against the Americans in the past two weeks.