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Yeti sightings reported in Siberia

Moscow, Sep 26 (): Three Russians had claimed that they had seen a group of abominable snowmen (yeti) prowling in a remote region in Kemerovo of Siberia.

A forest worker and two fishermen claimed that they had seen a group of yetis on the prowl in a remote area. One of the three claimed that he shouted at the creature “do you need help” and immediately they rushed away. They were all in fur and had two legs. The other man said that as their binoculars were broken he could not see them sharply. He also waved at the Yetis but they did not respond. He said that the Yetis walked like people.

The Siberian Times had reported earlier this month, according to a government officer Sergei Adlyakov, one Yeti was seen by a state inspector of the Shorsky National Park. He was quoted as saying that the creature did not look like bear, it went quickly and disappeared after it broke some branches of bushes. This happened in Tashtagolski district which is closer to the border, Khakassia.

Another sighting of Yeti happened in August, when a fisherman Vershinin claimed that he had seen two yetis near the village Myski according to the local newspaper.

It is quoted that the fisherman saw it on the banks of the river and he thought that they were bears. When they noticed him they stood straight and went away.

‘Yeti expert’ Igor Burtsev of Russia said that Russia is to host an expedition and conference next month to search for yetis.

An expedition in 2011, Burtsev had claimed to have found hair of yeti but no DNA findings have been released so far.

Last year in November, hunters had claimed that they had discovered one of the nests of a Yeti in the same area of Siberia.

It is believed that Yeti was part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people in 18th century. The Lepcha people worshipped a “Glacier Being” as a God of the Hunt.