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Women cricketers’ ‘living allowance’ in Sri Lanka lower than men in T20 WC

Sydney, Sep 26 (ANI): Female cricketers at the World Twenty20 are paid a less generous living allowance than their male counterparts, earning about 60 Australian dollars as compared to the men, who are being given 100 Australian dollars by the ICC.

An ICC spokeswoman said it was aiming for “equal everything”, but the smaller budget for the women’s event resulted in the more modest allowance and economy-class travel for the female cricketers.

“We are working towards equal everything. We are aiming to have three viable formats in men’s and women’s cricket and to promote the women’s game so it receives the same exposure, the same opportunities and the same prizemoney,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted the spokeswoman, as saying.

According to the paper, it’s a gap less easily explained than the gulf in prizemoney on offer for the men’s and women’s tournaments, as the team that wins the men’s tournament will take home about 1 million Australian dollars while the women’s team will pocket 60,000 Australian dollars, the paper said.

However, Southern Stars captain Jodie Fields says she is not bothered about the discrepancy.

“We are pretty well supported by Cricket Australia on our tours and I know the team is pretty happy to be here playing alongside the men in the biggest tournament we have,” she said.

Female cricketers have embraced Twenty20 as the path to making the women’s game commercially viable, with semi-finals and final at the World Twenty20 to be televised by ESPN-Star Sports as curtain raisers, the paper added. (ANI)