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Wayne Rooney ‘wants One Direction to play at son’s third birthday party’

London, September 26 (ANI): Wayne Rooney is lining up One Direction for son Kai’s third birthday party in November.

The Manchester United ace, 26, wants Harry Styles, 18, and co at the bash because he often sings their pop hits to his first-born son to make him laugh.

“The party will be on November 2, and Wayne is desperate to get One Direction on board,” sources told the Daily Star.

“He wants them to perform a few hits in the back garden at their mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire.

“Wayne’s particularly keen to hear them sing What Makes You Beautiful, a song he often sings to Kai to make him laugh.

“He’s so keen he’s even using some of his famous connections in the hope that it will persuade Harry and the rest of the lads to make an appearance.”

But despite the fact 1D would surely make it the hottest baby bash of the year, Wayne and wife Coleen, 26, want to keep the party quite small.

“It will just be family and friends.

“But it’s a big house, so there’s plenty of room for entertainment.

“And Wayne’s had plenty of time to plan it as he’s been out injured, so it should be fun-packed.” (ANI)