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Pune kid abducted and murdered by two young boys

Pune, Sep 25 (): Pune police today arrested two persons including one minor for their alleged role in kidnapping a five-year-old boy and murdering him.

According to reports received, five-year-old Shubh Rawal was kidnapped near his residence by a nineteen-year-old boy Parminder Singh and his friend, a fifteen-year-old boy studying in class 10 on Sunday.

The two later strangulated young Rawal and dumped his body on a hill, said Senior Police Inspector Ajay Kadam. Both the boys were arrested.

After the investigation, it came to light that the prime accused Parminder who was employed in a shopping complex desired to buy a motorbike which instigated him to commit the crime.

The main accused Parminder was residing in Ramnagar in Defence Security Corps quarters. The first round of investigation revealed that Parminder along with his friend were intending to earn money to live a sophisticated life.

They believed young Rawal to be the son of a rich parent and therefore kidnapped him to the nearby Pashan Hills when the child was playing with his friends at a complex near the Ganpati mandal.

After taking the child on the pretext of giving chocolate, Parminder asked the child to give his parents’ mobile number which the child could not tell and started to cry. Annoyed with the boy who did not pay response to his call, Parminder strangled the boy’s neck taking his friend’s help by using a handkerchief.

Parminder was expecting an amount of Rs one lakh for his dream to buy a motorbike. When the child ignored his custody and started to run, the two killed him, said the police.

Young Shubh Rawal’s parents are said to be scientists, and are working in the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in Pune. The father of the child had lodged a complaint against the two boys.