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Modi takes on PM over country’s failing economic health

Surat, Sep 25 (ANI): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has launched a fresh salvo at the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, holding him accountable for the country’s deteriorating economic health.

While addressing a public gathering here yesterday, Modi attacked Dr. Singh by mocking him over keeping silent on key burning issues spanning over spiralling corruption and scams plaguing the country.

“Our Prime Minister does not speak up. Maybe he does not want to speak. Or may be there is nothing to speak about. Is there any other country in the world like ours? Our country is like a ship without any captain,” said Modi.

He further accused the Prime Minister of amassing massive wealth through different financial scandals like the multi billion dollar telecom and coal scam.

“Mr. Prime Minister you might not be aware but the country knows that you have a tree each for 2G spectrum and coal scam. You have been minting money from these trees. The people of this country know everything,” said Modi.

Dr. Singh had on Friday defended his government’s fresh economic reforms, saying these were needed to boost investor confidence domestically and globally.

“Where would the money for this have come from? Money does not grow on trees. If we had not acted, it would have meant a higher fiscal deficit, that is, an unsustainable increase in government expenditure vis-a-vis government income. If unchecked, this would lead to a further steep rise in prices and a loss of confidence in our economy,” said Dr. Singh in his address to the nation.

He also accused the opposition of misleading the people and said the time had come to embrace “hard decisions” to revive the country’s economy.

“The time has come for hard decisions. For this I need your trust, your understanding and your cooperation,” he said, comparing the situation with what prevailed in 1991 when India embraced sweeping economic reforms. (ANI)