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17 miners trapped inside coal mine in China

Beijing, Sep 25 (): Chinese media said gas explosion in coal mine in two accidents have impacted trapping of 17 workers underground.

The official of a news agency says a huge fire broke out inside a mine in the northeast Heilongjiang province where 11 miners got trapped inside. However, two other workers working inside the mine were rescued.

The accident occurred in the coal mine in Caiguan Township at around 11 pm, when fourty miners were working underground, the news agency stated. The workers rushed out from mine after a violent ejection of gas caught fire in the mine that seriously injured 8 workers and another five escaped with minor injuries.

The fire spread underground was quenched yesterday night, rescuers said. Experts believe water and air access are available at the place where the workers are trapped. There are some chances that the workers trapped inside are still alive.

News agency said that the mine’s license had already expired before three weeks, and county government blamed illegal production in the mines for accident.

Other mine in the same province which was flooded on last Saturday trapped six miners. The rescue efforts were under way. The fate of five more workers remains unclear after the ceiling of the mine collapsed in east China’s Shandong Province.

China has the deadliest coal mining industry in the world. Nowadays safety measures and improvements had reduced deaths and accidents. But safety rules in some mines are often violated and the accidents are still common.

Illegal mining production is the main cause for these accidents, the government said. Rescue efforts in both the mines are in full swing to uplift the miners trapped inside.Sources said that hundreds of deaths are reported yearly in accidents at coal mines in China.

The Chinese government had closed 900 coal mines in a seven-year period. Now, there are only 500 coal mines in China, which is more than thousand in 2005.