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UFO sighted over Melbourne caught on camera

Melbourne, Sep 24 (): A man named Tod claims that he has sighted an unidentified flying object that hovered over city skyline of Carlton Gardens.

The man captured the footage in his phone at around 9.30 pm on Sept. 22, 2012. The recorded three-minute UFO video clipping was shared online via YouTube. Other spectators have reported seeing it at around 7.30 in night.

Tod told the UFO left over the Carlton Gardens sky about 11pm, and moved past Immigration Museum. Although reports said that Tod did not want to disclose his full name, his video in YouTube channel displays his full name as Tod Sloan.

Tod quoted that he was on Lygon Street when he first sighted it and he moved to Carlton Gardens where a number of other people too saw the UFO. He said that it was displaying amazing patterns of light and it looked like a light show in the sky.

Perry Vlahos, a Spokesman of Astronomical Society in Victoria (ASV) stated it was unlikely the object was anything extraordinary. He said that ASV had a lot of members around the state and many of them were looking at the sky with their large telescopes every night but none of the members reported sighting anything unexpected.

De La Soyo, a resident of Carlton said that she was really shocked after sighting a “weird formation” of lights in the sky from her 9th floor house late night. She also said “It all continued about a minute. I know it was not a helicopter or plane. The lights were orange in color and they were not flashing like lights on a plane.”

The viewing of  UFO comes less than a week after Ivan, one of the witnesses said an object remained in the sky more than an hour, changing color and switching between red, green and blue for several seconds and then disappeared.