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Kejriwals’s first political protest on power tariff after parting ways with Anna

New Delhi, Sep 24 (): After parting ways from Anna Hazare, former team member Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday took his first protest against the growing power tariff by blaming the Central government to have cheated the people of the country.

The group led by Arvind Kejriwal blamed the Congress by saying there is a conspiracy between the government and the stakeholders who intentionally raised the tariff to help private companies to make more money.

Kejriwal along with his supporters assembled at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, yesterday afternoon and raised slogans against the government by burning electricity bills. In order to make an entry into politics, the group led by Arvind Kejriwal showed more eagerness in contesting the Delhi Assembly elections that is scheduled for next year as they are making continuous attempt in tarnishing the image of the Central government.

However, the first demonstration by the group failed to gather large number of people. Kejriwal decided to launch a political party which was not accepted by Anna Hazare that resulted in turning the two core activists to two different directions thereby parting ways on Sep 19.

 “People are thinking Anna has left us. Actually Anna is with us in our hearts. He dislikes politics because he believes politics is polluted. We have stepped into it for cleaning it as there is no other option left. Anna is our guru whom we respect a lot,” said Kejriwal at Jantar Mantar.

Arvind Kejriwal also added by saying that he had been forced into politics inspite of having a hatred towards it. The other members of the team who took part in the protest included Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia and others.

Reports said that after misunderstanding mounted between Kejriwal and Anna Hazare, Kejriwal went to Ralegan Siddhi to meet Hazare to hand  over a cheque  to him, which was collected during the anti-corruption movement but was refused by Anna Hazare.