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SC lawyer shouts at PM during his address in Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 23 (): Protesting against the government decision, a man in his middle age shouted at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the moment he got up  to address  the nation at an international conference on Saturday.

Santosh Kumar Suman, a lawyer by profession and a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association removed his shirt after standing on the desk and shouted in a loud voice.”Prime Ministerji, go back. Roll back diesel prices.”

After the Prime Minister stepped on the dais in order to deliver his speech, at Vigyan Bhawan, the SC lawyer got up and demanded the Prime Minister to go away and to roll back his decision. Maintaining silence, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh remained calm for a minute before the man was whisked away out of the hall by the security officials.

The solo protester who raised his voice in the midst of the hall against the Prime minister was taken away to a lonely place by the security personnel. The lawyer, Mr Suman who hails from Shakarpur in east Delhi, made his entry into the hall by possessing a valid card.

Suman has been detained by the police who during investigation revealed that he belongs to the RJD Party. The meeting was organized by the Indian Law Institute, in which a number of famous legal personalities took part from all over Asia other than Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia as well as Law Minister Salman Khurshid.

Dr Manmohan Singh was communicating on the need of economic expansion and said that it is the responsibility of the central government to make sure that commercial laws coincide with global standards.

Dr Singh repeated the significance of commercial responsibility to be most important to sustainable expansion and also assured that the new Companies Bill would be most likely launched in the Parliament.