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Modi: 2G spectrum and Coalgate have tarnished the nation

Ahmedabad, Sep 23 (): Responding to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s declaration on, “money does not grow on trees” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that people very well know that money indeed does not grow on trees, but as far as the Congress party is concerned the 2G scam and Coalgate scam itself were a money tree for them, mocking the Congress party.

“Trying to persuade the people of the country in such language is not fair. Mr.Prime Minister, the country men are well aware that money never grows on trees,” stated Modi in a meeting at Vivekananda Youth conference which took place in the tribal city.

“2G spectrum has been a money tree for the Congress, similarly coal scam has also been a money tree for the Congress , other than this do you want any other bigger tree ?,” asked the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Modi was directly attacking the ruling government at Centre by saying that their activities regarding the 2G spectrum and Coalgate have tarnished the country. Their greediness has pushed the country to difficult times, alleged Modi.

The Prime Minister while addressing the nation on Friday tried to justify the government’s recent decision on price hike by saying that the country would have been in great trouble if they had not acted at the appropriate time.

The Gujarat strong man Narendra Modi also provided few concessions for the purpose of irrigation project, and also announced to build construction and safety sanctuary in the state for the welfare of the tribal people who travel for infrastructure and construction works.

“The state government has planned to construct a 650km tube that would join Vadodara- Panchmahals-Dahod  at an estimate of Rs 3500 crore to seven hundred villages which will be offered irrigation benefits  for over  two lakh acres of  tribals, “ declared Modi.