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Meteors sighted in skies across UK stun hundreds

London, Sep 23 (): UK people across the country have informed seeing bright substances in night sky on Friday, which they thought to be space junk or meteors.

The bright objects were seen shooting across night sky. It looked like breaking up into small pieces on Friday night, with reports coming from Coleraine on the north coast, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Strangford Lough in the south-east. The bright lights were also seen in the Midlands, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Many people took Twitter to report the sightings by posting videos and photos. Hundreds of people described the sighting as a bright fireball moving across the night sky with a large tail.

Kielder Observatory reported the seeing of “huge fireball” moving from north to south at 9.41pm over Northumberland. It posted on Twitter that in observing the sky for 30 years, this fireball is the best ever seen.

Brian Guthrie in Grange mouth near Edinburgh said he watched the bright objects passing across the sky. It looked as something “pretty large breaking into pieces in the atmosphere.” He added that he had seen meteor showers and shooting stars before, but this one was much more colourful and bigger.

But there were also some suggestions like the object might have been space junks which got burned up when it re-entered the atmosphere.

Another observatory, Jodrell Bank tweeted that no real consent has been arrived on whether the spectacular fireball sighted last night was a space junk, waste bits of spacecraft or space rock burning up.

The object was perhaps high up, 80 miles up or so, moving fast, probably at the speed of at least 18,000 miles an hour.

Colin Johnston, from Northern Ireland’s Armagh Planetarium said the bright lights were doubtful about that being a part of meteor shower. He says it might be few pieces of a space junk moving around the universe and fallen across the skies or it might be a satellite that has been up for some years and burning up now.