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Maken assures petitioning paralympians that justice will be done

New Delhi, Sep.23 (ANI): Sports Minister Ajay Maken has assured petitioning paralympians that justice will be meted out them after receiving 8075 signatures from Pradeep Raj from Disabled power and a para athelte.

Raj, it may be recalled has started a campaign on Change.org. He told Maken to suspend Paralympic Committee of India officials who disrespected Indian Paralympians.

After receiving the petition, Maken told Raj that he is aware of the problems caused to paralympians and that he is awaiting a response from the PCI to the show cause issues to it in response to the petition.

“The show cause notice deadline to PCI issued by me after I got to know about the petition started by Pradeep on Change.org ends on 23rd September 2012. When I went to London to meet paralympians and participants the same concerns as mentioned by Pradeep in the petition were echoed by them.”

Raj said: “It was great to meet the Sports Minister and I look forward to his decision after 23rd September’ 2012.”

“The support Pradeep has gathered for his fellow athletes in India using Change.org is remarkable. Within hours he got support from citizens, organisations, para-athletes and paralympians.” said Change.org, campaigner, Tamseel Hussain. (ANI)