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World’s most complex mathematical theory cracked

Tokyo, Sep 22 (): Shinichi Mochizuki, a 43-year old mathematician at Kyoto University in Japan has finally cracked one of the world’s most complex mathematical theories. He also said confirming the development may take some more years as to the absolute scale of achievement.

Shinichi Mochizuki stunned his peers after releasing four papers online that claimed to prove abc conjecture in number theory, which is considered as the most vital unsolved problem in modern mathematics.

The paper is 500-pages long and it is shown on his website in a series of PDF files named “Teichmuller Theory.” Experts said that he took about four years to derive the fact and if his proof is confirmed, it would be one among the greatest achievements in mathematical field of this century.

Shinichi Mochizuki is Kyoto University’s number theorist. He was born in Tokyo in 1969. He moved to US when he was 5 years old. He did his graduation in Philip Exeter Academy, which is one of the country’s most prominent high schools, and he graduated in a short period of just two years. At 16, he joined Princeton University and at 22, he left the university with a Ph.D.

When Mochizuki was 23 in 1992, he took up a teaching post at Kyoto University. By 33, he became a full-fledged professor, a very young age in academics. And now, he has cracked one of the most important problems in the mathematical field.

In 1985, European mathematicians proposed abc conjecture, which consists of simple equation with three integers and specified as a + b = c, where a, b, c are mathematical variables. The conjecture considers each number as a prime factor.

About confirming the development, it may take a long time as the same time it took for Mochizuki to create and explain the steps of the completely new mathematical language and the other researchers in the field have to thoroughly learn to understand it first.

A researcher familiar with Mochizuki has said that he “spent almost 10 years on writing the theory with complete focus on it.”

Since publishing his theories online on August 30, Shinichi Mochizuki has not given any comment.