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Google planning to ‘replace’ Apple’s ‘flop iPhone map app’ with own

London, Sept 22 (ANI): As Apple is facing a barrage of criticism over its Maps app in the latest iPhone, Internet search giant Google has now planned to release its own map app for the tech giant’s smartphones and computer tablets.

The search giant’s decision came after Apple was left embarrassed due to omissions and errors made in the maps app available in its latest version of its iOS software.

Google is now preparing its own app for iPads and iPhone- if Apple approves it, the Daily Mail reports.

It is believed Google has been working on the app for months, as Apple revealed it was creating its own mapping service in June.

Sources close to Google have claimed the app, which is expected to be free, has recently been submitted to Apple for approval.

Apple has already come under fire for its maps service in its new iPhone.

The firm has finally admitted that it needed improvement. (ANI)