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Mother-to-daughter uterus transplant success in Sweden

Stockholm, Sep 21 (): The mother-to-daughter uterus transplants were done for the first time on two Swedish women, a Swedish medical team said on Tuesday. The task was completed by a team of 10 surgeons at the University of Gothenburg of Sweden.

Now, the two daughters are carrying their mothers’ wombs and these two Swedish women would be able to give birth using the wombs in which they were carried. But, the doctors said the operations would only be a complete success only after they achieve pregnancy and give birth to healthy children.

Dr Michael Olausson, a specialist of the team who performed the surgery said that both the women are at present hale and healthy, but giving birth would be the best proof of the transplant’s success. Both are in their 30s, one was born without a uterus and the other lost her uterus in a surgery for cervical cancer.

For one year, both the Swedish women will be under observation and then they will go through vitro fertilization by their own eggs. They will be given anti-rejection drugs during this observation period, to avoid their bodies rejecting the new organs.

Doctors feel the rejection risk could be lower as the uterus from a close family member (their mother) is used. They say the women will get a maximum of two pregnancies and then the transplanted uterus will be removed, letting the women stopping anti-rejection drugs which would produce side effects, such as swelling, high BP and diabetes.

The doctors said the aim of such transplant is to provide the women with the opportunity of bearing children who lack uteri. The university estimation said, in Sweden about 2,000 and 3,000 women of childbearing age are unable to have children as they lack a uterus.

In the past, two womb transplants have been performed in 2000 in Saudi Arabia and in Turkey last year. The Saudi woman, who got a womb from a live donor, removed the transplanted organ after 3 months because of blood clot. The Turkish woman received the organ from deceased donor. She has no complications till date, but it is not sure if the recipient had started her fertility treatment.