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Manmohan Singh to address FDI reforms today

New Delhi, Sep 21 (): Concerned about the hue and cry raised by the people all over the country over the decision on FDI, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced that he would clarify the FDI issue  and the motivation and the benefits involved in it.

The Prime Minister has decided to convey the message either by a written statement or by giving a speech through television. Dr Singh said that he will be addressing the reason that forced the government to grant permission for the FDI in multi-brand retail.

The PM also added that he will be revealing about the complicated situations which the government has been facing these days due to the economical condition of the country and about how far the step that has been taken is going to help the people. People will gradually understand that each and every step taken by the government is on national interest, said the Prime Minister.

Earlier on Sep 14, after the conclusion of the cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister had stated that the government is intending to increase the economic growth of the country and also wanted to make the country more attractive for foreign investment.

“The government believes that these steps has been initiated to expand the growth as well as to produce employment in the hour of need. We are expecting good response and support from all sections of the people,” said the Prime Minister.

The government’s decision has created anxiety among the opposition as well as its allies particularly the Trinamool Congress who has announced to break the forty-month old relationship with the ruling UPA government on Friday. Other outside allies like Samajwadi Party and the JD-S have also expressed their distress over the government’s decision and have been organizing nation-wide agitations on Thursday.

Moving-ahead with its modification, the government on Thursday has informed to allow foreign airlines to decide on 49% stake in private Indian carriers.