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Kiran Bedi:People desiring political party have made their way out

New Delhi, Sep 21 ():India against Corruption activist Kiran Bedi today assumed that a segment willing to get mingled with political party has made its way out by splitting from the party leaving the movement to carry on with  its progress.

The argument on the subject is going on since one year, tweeted Bedi in a social networking site. “ People who desired for political party have made their way out. IAC is a movement which would carry on,” said Bedi.

She also added by saying that the Anna Hazare-led group is looking for a new work place for the sake of continuing its movement and for  highlighting strong Lokpal and rest of the issues.

Team Anna, who was supported by a large number of people throughout the country a year back, appeared to be sliding downhill due to the continuous misinterpretation by some of its team members which led to the team’s division.

It is believed Arvind Kejriwal often got into an argument with Anna Hazare on some or other issue which resulted in parting ways. After the split, the veteran Anna Hazare has warned Kejriwal group not to use his name or photo for the benefit of their political agenda.

Meanwhile, in response to the split, Arvind Kejriwal uttered that the partition though has come as a great shock to him, he shall always follow the footsteps of Anna whom he considered to be his guru.

Commenting on Anna’s denial to permit to use his photograph or name in any of the political agenda, Arvind Kejriwal said, “We have made our way out by carrying Anna’s photo and name in our hearts. I am sure he will be giving us good wishes and we will continue to get his blessings by touching his feet. We will follow Anna’s five principles which will be the foundation of our party.”

Anna is likely to form a new team of non-political volunteers all over the country prior to holding a nationwide mass beginning in a month.