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Biggest Moon Rock on auction, can fetch 340000 US dollars

New York, Sep 21 (): A piece of moon rock will be auctioned online and it is expected to fetch a huge sum of 340000 US dollars.

Heritage Auctions in Dallas handle the sales of the largest piece of moon rock which weighs 1815 grams. This is the fourth largest lunar meteorite available for auction for public. The moon rocks, which were brought to earth by Apollo astronauts were barred from private acquisition as they were considered National Treasures.

Some rocks escape from the moon’s gravitational pull and caught by our Earth’s own gravity. These rocks that don’t burn up as they enter the atmosphere, land on Earth to become lunar meteorites.

This lunar meteorite found in Libya in 1988 is named Dar al Gani 1058. The slab-shaped Dar al Gani 1058 was dislodged from Moon to Earth via natural forces. However, the researchers do not know about the period of the meteorite dislodged from the surface of the moon.

Chemical analysis confirms that lunar meteorite sample, DaG 1058, a piece of lunar highland breccias comes from its darker side of the moon. The auction site said that collectors value moon rocks collected by astronauts during missions, rather than those that fall to Earth.

Moon rocks recovered by human-made launch probes, sent by the Soviet Union and United States of America, will fetch more prices than the lunar meteorites as the collectors value the history they represent.

Dar al Gani 1058 was put up for auction by an anonymous collector. The current bid stands at $170,000 and the auction ends on October 13.

In 1970, a Russian robotic probe brought small sized pieces from moon and after 30 years, they were auctioned for 4,42,500 US dollars.

From 1969 to 1972, 12 cosmonauts landed on the surface of moon during the Apollo program. A total of 382 kilograms (842 pounds) of lunar soil and rocks came back with these cosmonauts over the course of six moon landings.