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Pak man hacks daughter to death for working in beauty parlour

Rawalpindi, Sept 20 (ANI): A Pakistani man has brutally hacked his divorced daughter to death because he could not tolerate her working in a beauty parlour.

Allah Ditta, the accused, was arrested and has confessed to killing his 32-year-old daughter Shagufta, police said.

“Our father beat her up when she insisted on joining the parlour. Other family members intervened and the issue was settled for the time being,” the police quoted Shagufta’s younger sister, as saying.

In his statement recorded with the police, Shagufta’s brother, Fiaz Ali, his father used to violently oppose his sister’s desire to accept an offer from the lady of the house where she worked as a maid, to work in the parlour that she ran, reports The Dawn.

Shagufta, who lived in Gorakhpur village in Adiala suburbs, had a little son and was divorced about three years ago.

As she woke up from her sleep, said the younger sister, she saw her father taking Shagufta away, holding a piece of rope and an axe in his hand.

Scared and suspicious at this scene, she said she informed her brother.

Shagufta was taken away by her father to the nearby jungle where he allegedly tied her to a tree, abused her and then allegedly swung the axe into her neck, killing her on the spot, according to the Shagufta’s sister.

The police have recovered a blood-stained axe, believed to have been used to kill Shagufta. (ANI)