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Differences between Anna and Arvind Kejriwal on the rise

New Delhi, Sep 20 (): Differences are on the rise between anti-crusader Anna Hazare and previous Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal as they both stuck to a different stand in a meeting on Wednesday in which the former was firm on not to contest elections and the later showing eagerness in forming a political group soon.

Information revealed that Anna and Kejriwal in the recent past were showing interest on different matters and were also arguing on the subject. Rest of the team members were finding it difficult to sort out the rising issue between the two that has surfaced over some or other issue.

The team fears for the split not to become permanent in the coming days with Kejriwal not showing sign of compromise. The meeting was attended by almost all the previous team members including Kiran Bedi,  Prashant  Bhushan,  Santosh Hegde and others.

Justice Santosh Hegde, one of the members of the previous team expressed his concern over the rising issue between both Anna and Kejriwal. “There have been differences of opinion between the members but we are discussing and our talks are still in process. Hope we will take some time to sort the problems,” said Hegde. The main reason for the split was nothing other than the political plunge, added Hegde.

Anna on Tuesday very clearly informed Kejriwal that he has no interest in politics. He also added that he had told Kejriwal to carry on with his intention of forming a political group in his fight against the anti-corruption movement.  Anna asserted that he can fight the movement without forming a political party.

Anna had made clear that he will not be a part of Kejriwal’s political agenda. “I shall not contest elections even if the people of the country are suggesting me to form a party,” said Anna Hazare.