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Campaign launched against British daily to end tabloid institution of ‘page 3 news’

London, Sep 20 (ANI): Following the widespread outrage over the publication of topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, a new campaign has been launched against The Sun, threatening its 42-year-old tabloid institution of Page 3.

The campaign ‘No More Page 3′, appears to have tapped into public concerns about press morality, and has used the viral power of social networking sites to win almost 24,000 signatories to an online petition addressed to Dominic Mohan, the editor of The Sun.

“We are asking very nicely. Dominic, stop showing topless pictures of young women in Britain’s most widely read newspaper, stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects,” The Independent quoted Lucy Holmes, an actress and writer, who is leading the campaign, as saying.

“It has been a great start but I do intend for it to get bigger. We are inviting The Sun’s biggest advertisers to withdraw their support for the last week of October. Although we would love to think that The Sun would be concerned about the amount of people up in arms over the way they objectify women, I think they would be more concerned when their major advertisers start pulling out,” she added.

It comes in the wake the British daily publishing a naked picture of “Danni, 24, from Coventry” instead of five pages of coverage of the murders of young policewomen Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bon. Beneath the photo, the paper directed its readers to a new feature on its website, “Page 360″, “which gives you an all-round view of our beauties”, the paper said.

Earlier, a the Irish Daily Star had published topless pictures of the Duchess, enraging its publisher Richard Desmond, who has threatened to close the paper, even though the British Star embraces the Page 3 tradition, the paper said.

The No More Page 3 campaign is being driven by activity on Twitter and Facebook and receiving support from bloggers, it added. (ANI)