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Susan Sarandon ‘entertained’ by ‘Scrooge-like’ Romney’s ‘Obama dependent victims’ comments

Washington, Sept. 19 (ANI): American actress Susan Sarandon has said Republican president candidate Mitt Romney’s remarks, in which he called lower paid Americans ‘victims’, are ‘so entertaining’ that he reminds her of a ‘Scrooge’ like character.

TV host Joy Behar had asked the outspoken liberal actress for her opinion on the leaked Romney video at a fundraiser in which he said that ’47 percent’ of Americans are ‘dependent upon government’ and will vote for President Barack Obama ‘no matter what’.

“I’m so entertained,” Sarandon said, adding: “I’m very happy that he’s so entertaining”.

“I don’t know if it’s going to cost him. I think a lot of people agree with him in seeing things that way. I guess it’ll mostly effect the swing voters. And I think it’s an interesting few days on the campaign trail to see how he deals with that. But I don’t think that was really new information,” Politico quoted Sarandon, as saying.

“Well no, but it just made him look like Scrooge,” Behar said, adding: “It made him look more Scrooge-like.”

“But I think that’s what he is,” Sarandon responded. (ANI)