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Richard Gere’s ‘Arbitrage’ character likened to Bill Clinton

Washington, September 19 (ANI): Richard Gere has said that his character in the film ‘Arbitrage’ has a lot in common with President Bill Clinton.

In the Nicholas Jarecki drama, Gere plays a likeable, family-oriented rich hedge-fund CEO whose extramarital affair and poor business decisions have severe consequences on his life and family.

“It’s like with Bill Clinton. You know he’s got problems, but he’s our Clinton. It’s like, ‘He’s so lovable, he’s so smart, he’s cute, he’s boyish …,” the Politico quoted Gere as telling The Wrap.

“It was more important for me to get all the cylinders working on that part, as well as the machinations of what a Machiavellian guy in the financial world is capable of,” he said. (ANI)