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Pak band Noori’s T20 World Cup song branded not ‘energetic’ enough

Karachi, Sept. 19 (ANI): Pakistan’s World Cup Twenty20 song, produced by Noori, has been criticised despite its brilliant production and powerful vocals by the Ali brothers. Critics have said that the song lacks energy that is vital for patriotic numbers.

The video – titled “Dilwalon Khelo Tum”- shot in Colombo, is all set for release before the world cup commences, reports The Express Tribune.

According to the credits on Noori’s YouTube video, the song has been produced by Shuja Haider. However, it is difficult to gauge Noori’s involvement in composing the whole song. While the song boasts signature Noori musical elements at first listen, it is not as impactful as the band’s other patriotic and charged numbers, the paper said.

According to the paper, the song is said to be lacking Pakistani “Jazba” or “Junoon”.

Songs for events like major cricket tournaments are usually elevated to anthem status, which is why they require finesse not only in terms of song writing but in the lyrical content as well, the paper stated.

Noori is undoubtedly the only band that deserves the honour of making an anthem song in the time of a dead music industry. But their recent release was a letdown for excited cricket fans, the paper said. (ANI)