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New BBC boss bats for hiring more women employees in firm

London, Sep 19 (ANI): BBC’s new director-general, George Entwistle, has said that the British broadcasting firm needs more women on screen, on radio and in its sports coverage.

During an interview after marking his first day in the job, Entwistle insisted that the number of female employees in the corporation must be increased.

“There’s real headway with Amanda Vickery, Mary Beard and Lucy Worsley. We have made real progress in actively looking for, and finding, great female experts to front our big factual shows, but it’s not enough,” the Telegraph quoted Entwistle, as saying.

“The Today programme struggles because we are dealing with party politics as it is, dealing with the world as it is, and that’s a very male place. What the BBC often reflects is the way the world is,” he added.

Entwistle also said that he found the organisation of the BBC “immensely frustrating”.

“I both love the BBC and at times find it an immensely frustrating place. It can feel… that the way the organisation is run is somehow slightly dislocated from the thing the organisation is for: outstanding creative originality and outstanding journalistic quality,” he said.

“[I will] go to war on every bit of the design and the structure and management and every bit of the culture that isn’t optimised for that,” he added. (ANI)